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weKKode is your best choice for web designs in the new millennium. Not only do we specialize in creating great websites for companies and organizations. We also make it easy for you whenever you have to plan occassions, announcements or events. weKKode calls these "event sites." Have you ever thought of a web site for an up and coming wedding? How about your own website to announce the birth of your child? Or a website with all the details of an upcoming graduation party?

In addition, use our weKKode Aerial Drone for truly one-of-a-kind photos and videos taken from high above your event or business! With are aerial drone you can have forever out-of-this-world photos and videos of your wedding/reception, graduation, business...any event you are hosting. Even hire our drone to use a truly unique gift for friends and family. We show up with our drone and we do all the work. Just sit back and have fun while we capture never before seen angles of your event.

Websites are not just for business anymore. weKKode heard what you were asking for so we changed our business model and mission to showcase whatever or whomever YOU choose through "event sites. Click on services to learn more.

Business or Pleasure

Certainly, here at weKKode we can design, code and create a fabulous website for large and small businesses. Whether you have just one employee or 100,000; weKKode can accomplish whatever you can imagine. But why stop there? Think outside the box and use a "event sites" by weKKode to spread the good news because we have just launched social media to a higher level!


Hey, weKKode is not worried about offering a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your website because anything and everything can be changed to make your site responsive, easy to navigate, visually appealing and have the functionality to get your message out to the world. So no worries, weKKode will guarantee your website will be everything you imagined and probably more because at weKKode we don't just succeed; we excel.


Meet Cyber Celebrations!!! It is wekkodes subsidary business that exists exclusively for the consumer to see what we do when it comes to event sites. Sites such as:




New Borns

Retirements and more...